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Sharkoon SHARK ZONE H30

Sharkoon SHARK ZONE H30

Robust Stereo Headset for Gamers
Isolated from the outside world: The robust construction of the SHARK ZONE H30 Stereo Headset combines durability with excellent wearing comfort and passive attenuation of ambient noise. Soft ear pads and a padded headband promises a comfortable fit even during long gaming sessions. Two 40 mm speakers provide balanced sound with deep lows and crisps highs. A solid aluminum capsule optimizes voice transmission with the detachable microphone, which also features a flexible microphone arm.

Passive Attenuation of Ambient Noise
Ambient noise is effectively reduced thanks to its closed design. Sounds waves are only transmitted in one direction, from headset to user. Also, the broadcasted sound barely leaks out of the H30. Thus, gamers can acoustically insulate themselves from the outside world and concentrate even more precisely on their game.

Solid Ear Cup Suspension from Metal
The metal ear cup suspension allows individual adjustments. Height adjustment is made by a screw system and guarantees continuous support without inadvertent changes to the desired settings. The entire design of the H30, including headband, is extremely robust and can withstand high stress.

Maximum Compatibility via Modular Cable System
For universal use, the H30 has a modular cable system with gold-plated connectors and offers two different connection methods. The headset connects to a PC via two 3.5 mm stereo jacks, one of the microphone and the other for the headphones. The total cable length in this setup, including the cable integrated volume control with microphone mute function, is 260 cm and offers generous room to maneuver. For modern connection to a laptop, smartphone or PS4, the H30 provides a 3.5 mm TRRS plug for the microphone and headphone. Total cable length in this setup is 120 cm.

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  • ganska bra jag använder den, vars jag än gick, bra ljud.
    kablarna kan vara känsliga, men headsetet är billigt :)

    BY Breno · 2017-01-10 10:09 Anmäl

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