Vortex POK3R Limited Edition RGB Svart [MX Silver]

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  • Vortex POK3R Limited Edition RGB Svart [MX Silver]
  • Vortex POK3R Limited Edition RGB Svart [MX Silver]
  • Vortex POK3R Limited Edition RGB Svart [MX Silver]
  • Vortex POK3R Limited Edition RGB Svart [MX Silver]
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Vortex POK3R CNC LIMITED EDITION RGB 60% Mechanical Keyboard
Oh my, this one is a beast. You really need to see and feel it. This is the best of the best of the best. Crème de la crème of mechanical keyboards. In short it’s the bestest! It’s the loved Pok3r keyboard in a hard core heavy duty CNC aluminum case made from 2 solid aluminum blocks with smoky acrylic layer in between. This keyboard is so heavy it could be used as a murder weapon. You put this small keyboard on your desk and play the wildest counter strike match of your life and this keyboard will not move. You need to order moving service guys to move it.

Vortex POK3R mechanical Keyboard overall
The POK3R RGB is minimalistic and small sixty percent “hacker size” form factor mechanical keyboard. It makes for a great desk-space saver but is also an eye catcher.

POK3R RGB is hardware programmable. HARDWARE. The whole keyboard can be programmed and each key can hold macros without any kind of software installation. On top of the three programmable layers users can now configure all kinds of different RGB backlighting modes or set individual keys to the color they like. These RGB configurations are saved per layer just like a user would personal key mappings in the keyboards own memory. The POK3R RGB’s configuration will be reloaded when powered on no matter what computer it is connected to. On top of that, the keyboard requires no software to configure all this sweetness so no annoying and laggy vendor software installation required!

How about LAN? This little baby is easy to carry, saves space for radical mouse movements and holds your macros even if you use other computers than your own! It also looks badass while doing all this stuff!
- LIMITED EDITION MODEL: Aluminum heavy duty CNC handcrafted case. Really hardcore case. Smoky acrylic layer between 2 solid pieces of aluminum blocks for additional RGB lights.
- Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches
- RGB backlight, also lighting on acrylic layer of the case
- 60% form factor. Das supercompact
- Plate mounted switches
- 3 hardware programmable layers for alternate key mappings/macros
- Programmable RGB backlighting, even by each key
- Fn-layer(modifier key) for many additional basic but not so every second keyboard functions, like F1-F12
- Hardware baby, no software foolishness
- Doubleshot ABS keycaps, meaning 2 different colors plastics pressed together. the letters will not wear out from the keycaps.
- Alternative DVORAK and COLEMAK layouts by dip switch at the bottom. You can of course program your own layouts as well.
- Having such a ubercool keyboard on your table? Priceless!

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Typ av brytare: Cherry MX Silver
Mekaniska brytare: Ja
Bakgrundsbelysning: Ja
Färg på bakgrundsbelysning: RGB
Språklayout: Nordiskt
Anti-ghosting: Ja
Knapplayout: ISO 62
Kabellängd (m): 1.52
Trådlös: Nej
Storlek & vikt
Bredd (mm): 292
Djup (mm): 103
Höjd (mm): 38
Vikt (g): 907
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