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Nordic Ergo Pro Quiet Tangentbord [Matias Quiet]

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från Matias

A better ergonomic keyboard.
It's the product customers have been begging us to do for years - an ERGONOMIC keyboard that gives you all of the tactile feedback, greater comfort, faster typing speeds, and quiet operation of a Matias mechanical keyboard.

We also think it has the best layout of all the ergonomic keyboards so far.

The best switches.
To put it bluntly, most ergonomic keyboards ""cheap out"" on their keyswitches. They use rubber, instead of metal. Compromising here can ruin an otherwise good keyboard.

We've used the BEST keyswitches for typing... Matias Quiet Click mechanical switches.

Their ALPS-inspired design delivers generous amounts of tactile feedback, while providing enough resistance to support the weight of your hands - exactly what you need for fast, comfortable typing.

Plus, unlike every other mechanical switch, they are quiet enough to use in office environments. You don't need to worry about disturbing your co-workers.

A better navigation cluster.
Navigation keys have always been a big problem for ergonomic keyboards.

If you follow the standard, the keyboard is too wide.

If you don't follow the standard, there's a long learning curve, and users are stuck having to suffer with an awkward, unfamiliar layout.

We've designed a truly new and better navigation cluster - one that's much closer to standard AND more ergonomic...

We've arranged the navigation keys in their traditional pattern, but we laid them out horizontally, and then positioned them along the bottom row, more like a laptop keyboard.

It works beautifully, and the adjustment time is virtually zero. Try it once, and you'll never want to go back.

Narrower than most & more comfortable with a mouse.
Thanks to our unique navigation cluster, the Ergo Pro is not as wide as other ergonomic keyboards. It's not much wider than a laptop keyboard.

This makes it much more comfortable to use with a mouse. Since you're not reaching as far for it, your elbow doesn't need to flare out at an awkward angle.

Leg supports for tilting & tenting.
As you would expect, the Ergo Pro comes equipped with leg supports for 9 tenting and 4.5 negative tilt. It can also be used flat.

Spacious palm supports.
The palm supports are big and comfortable. Plus, they can be removed, if your desk already has palm supports built-in.

Everything is in the box.
We've included everything you need in the box. There's nothing extra to buy. You are all ready to go.

Dedicated keys for... Cut, Copy, Paste
We've added dedicated hotkeys for the 3 most important keyboard shortcuts - cut, copy, and paste. Best of all, no drivers are required. Everything works, right out of the box.

3 extra USB 2.0 ports.
Some keyboards have 2 USB ports - most have none. We're giving you three! You can plug in flash drives, digital cameras, your mouse, and more.

Laser etched keys.
All those symbols are handy, but what happens when they wear off? They won't. They're laser etched - burned into the keys with a laser - so they'll never wear off.

Sculpted keytops.
The latest trend in keyboards is to have very flat & wide keys, with little or no space between them. You see this a lot on laptops and netbooks. While they look great, they can also be a little tricky to type on. The flatness makes it very easy to slide out of home row and lose your bearings.

The Ergo Pro bucks this trend. It has traditional sculpted keytops, curved to fit your fingertips, and keep you from sliding out of home position.

Audio & media controls.
By holding down the Fn key, you gain access to strategically placed keyboard shortcuts for Volume Up / Down, Mute, Pause / Play, Next Track, and Previous Track.

Ghosts busted.
Most keyboards allow only a few keys to be pressed at once, so they can't keep up with very fast typists. The result is called ghosting - letters missing from what you actually typed, or additional letters that you didn't type.

The Ergo Pro has special Anti-Ghosting Circuitry (also called n-key rollover) to eliminate these problems. You can type as fast as you're able; the Ergo Pro will keep up.


Vårt artikelnummer: 10225
Tillv. artikelnummer: FK403QPC-ND

Om varumärket

Med Matias ergonomisk det kan skrivas - Bolaget som startades i Edgar Matias föräldrars källare, Toronto, har idag med sina innovativa och ergonomiska produkter vuxit sig till att bli globalt välkänt varumärke. Matias första produkt var halv-tangentbordet, ett en-hands tangentbord som utnyttjar användarnas befintliga skrivfärdigheter.

Med deras högkvalitativa tangentbord och ergonomi spelar allt en större roll när vi spelar framför datorn så är det inte svårt för Matias att vinna över både tangentbordsentusiaster och gamers över hela världen. Matias har idag etablerat sig till att ligga i bland toppen av tangentbordstillverkare.



Anslutning USB
Trådlös Nej
Kompatibilitet PC


Mekaniska brytare Ja
Typ av brytare Matias Quiet
Formfaktor TKL
Knapplayout ISO 88
Språklayout Nordisk (med ÅÄÖ)
Knappmaterial ABS
Belysning Nej
Multimediaknappar Ja
Handledsstöd Ja
N-key rollover Ja
Anti-ghosting Ja
Färg Svart


Garanti 1 års garanti

Mått & vikt

Kabellängd 2 m
Bredd 368 mm
Djup 165 mm
Höjd 35 mm
Vikt 1700 g
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